Developers told to allocate space for landscaping.

DEVELOPERS have been urged to allocate enough space for trees and flowers during construction to make real estate projects more appealing.According to the Chinese contractor of Jacaranda Gardens Estate along Thika Road – Sichuan International Corporation – many developers are more concerned about using available space to build as many units as possible for sale and rent, at the expense of vegetation and the environment.

In an interview with the Star, the firm’s human resource and general manager Edson Sie said Kenya, unlike China, has many trees and contractors should capitalise on these to beautify their projects as well as use them to harvest rain to ease water shortages.

Jacaranda Gardens has more than 700 houses and obtained its name from the Jacaranda trees planted in the estate, Sie said.

“You know when an estate has trees and flowers it becomes more attractive and people enjoy a good life because of the fresh air from trees compared to an area being choked by many houses and buildings which are sometimes very dusty,” he said.

Jacaranda Gardens sits on a 21-acre piece of land. Sie said the company’s projects incorporate environmental conservation to make the estates self-sustainable.Sichuan plans to construct 300 villas in Kiambu next year with ground breaking slated for April.

“Already some construction work on the 100-acre piece of land in Kiambu county has begun. We are currently constructing the fence and the warehouse on the site. There will also be a shopping mall, gym and pub among other facilities at the villa estate,” said Sie.

The firm plans to hand over the management of Jacaranda Garden Estate to the residents in 2017, after it completes construction of a police station and a 1.5-kilometre road in the area at a cost of Sh30 million.

Source : theSTAR

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