No need to worry, we got all of it covered.

Buying your first home can be exciting and amazing, and scary. But knowing the common mistakes of first-time buyers will ensure you don’t make the same ones, and can help make the transition to “New Home Owner!” that much smoother. One might get carried away by the excitement. When it comes to buying a house one should make sure that he is buying with his Heart. ”Sure the house is gorgeous, fully renovated and painted your favorite shade of cream and has an ensuite bathroom for every bedroom”. But it’s on a busy road and you have three young kids and two cats who like to run outside. What you can do about it: Be smart! Visit the house at least twice you will be surprised at how your opinion can change on a second and third visit and think critically. Go through every aspect of the house, every room, every floor, its location and neighborhood and really try to picture yourselves in the house for years down the road. Blindly buying a home can be a big mistake. Whether you’re paying too much attention to your realtor and family “who just LOVE the place!” or are feeling the pressure to make a quick buy, moving into a house that hasn’t been thoroughly vetted can be a big, expensive, regretful mistake. What you can do about it? Do your research! And do it first-hand. No realtor or family member can know exactly what you want more than you. Spend a day walking the neighborhood, learn about your neighbors, research the local school and visit the parks. As for the house itself, get an inspection report. These can uncover unseen things like termites and flooding, two expensive undertakings. Buying a home is exciting and daunting. But doing your due diligence can make the process a little easier, and get you into your dream home with (little) stress. At Greenspan we got you covered. Our joy is to make sure that all you house needs are catered for. Following our range of Apartments and maisonettes we make sure that you get maximum benefits on the investments that you make. We go a step further and advice you when it comes to choosing a unit. “No need to worry, we got all of it covered”. Talk to us for all of your real estate needs.

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